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Contractor Continuing Education (CE)

Frequently Asked Questions

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In Wisconsin, individuals looking to pull building permits need to have both the Dwelling Contractor Credential (DCC) and the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Credential (DCQ); it is the DCQ credential that requires continuing education.
  • The required continuing education must be completed 90 days before your renewal date to allow processing of the attendance records.
  • You can access your credential expiration date here.
  • The number of credits you need can be found here.
  • *If you believe the number of continuing education credits still needed found on the Department of Safety & Professional Services website is an error, please contact the Dept. of Safety & Professional Services at 608-266-3151. WI Homebuilders University does not have access to the list of classes you have not taken with providers other than us.
  • The individual listed as the credential holder (i.e. John Doe) MUST be the one who takes the required classes.
  • Online at WI Home Builders University and live instruction classes offered at various WI local associations can be found here.
  • WI Home Builders University recommends attending classes provided by your local Home Builders Association, however other classes approved by the Department of Safety & Professional Services can be found here.
  • WI Department of Safety & Professional Services offers credential holders the ability to renew online 40 days before your credential expires HERE.
  • Or, if you choose not to renew online, a paper renewal form will be sent to the address that was listed on the application you submitted when applying for your credential.

Still have questions?

  • WB Foundation
  • 608-242-5151
  • 660 John Nolen Drive, Suite 320 | Madison, WI 53713