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Contractor Continuing Education (CE)

Frequently Asked Questions

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CSL holders are required to comply with continuing education requirements at the end of the first full renewal after July 1, 2011. In other words, you have 24 months to earn the necessary hours after your first renewal that occurs after July 1, 2011.
A licensed construction supervisor must acquire a certain number of continuing education hours each 2 year renewal period based upon license category as identified below:
  • Unrestricted Construction Supervisors License 12 Hours
  • Restricted Construction Supervisors License 10 Hours
  • Specialty Construction Supervisors License 6 Hours
Yes! The required topics are:
  • Code Review (1 hour)
  • Energy (1 hour)
  • Business Practices/Workers’ Compensation (1 hour)
  • Workplace Safety (1 hour)
  • Lead Safe Practices – only in the first renewal cycle (1 hour)
  • Elective courses (7 hours)
Classes are offered through a variety of sources. Online classes are available through the Home Builders University. In-person classes are available throughout Massachusetts through the Home Builders Association of Massachusetts (HBAM) and the six local associations within the HBAM. Visit for further information.

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  • Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Massachusetts
  • 617-773-3305
  • 240 Cadwell Drive | Springfield, MA 01104